A return blog is coming soon from Eddie Krueger.

Key words: Coming Soon.


I want someone to come and sweep me off of my feet... someone who would fight for me, fight with me, and love me through it all.
I want someone who sees what they have when they have it, not as an afterthought.
I want someone who will love me for me, laugh at my stupid jokes, make me laugh, and who wants to have fun.
I want someone who will be there for me, through thick and thin, and keep coming back.
I want someone who will love me forever, who isn't afraid that my heart is burst at the core, and who will take super glue and make sure every minuscule piece is found.
I want someone who will elevate me further in my quest for self-acceptance than ever before, and who will stay in my life to see me succeed.

I wrote that about two years ago when I was lonely and upset... I recently found it.
Now, I have someone who fits exactly these lines and more! Yay! :)


Wow, it HAS been a while....

Right now I am deep into my thesis research study, which is simply making me feel ultra smart. I am sitting on one more assignment for my last graduate class, which I have ultra procrastinated on. It was due on Friday. Hehe.

So, when I get out of this hell hole that is Oswego. I'll tell you some good stories....

Not that there's really anyone reading.

Peace, Love, and Derby


So, what's my blog all about?

Check it out, I made a "wordle" word cloud! :)

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