"It's always easier to replace someone with another, but it is never a wise choice. Love can never be replaced, or taken, it can only be created and cherished. Love can be destroyed, but only by a cold heart."

"Sunday driving will forever have a place in my heart now. As will the Catskill Mountains."

"Cleaning is a pain in my ass. Fuck."


"Cats are like lovable little balls of furry joy! When they want to be..."

"Breakups are easier when they're mean, big, and green."


"9:30 AM is the perfect time to begin drinking for the day.... as long as there is a USA world cup soccer game on!"

"If you have a staring contest with a cat, you will lose."

"Relationships are like the river, they ebb and flow and sometimes you need to go against the current, but someday you will find the person that will swim with you to the sea."


"Life would be much better if everyone is drinking Rum & Cokes."

"Peanut butter and fluff sandwiches always remind me of my MCES days, only without the smelly saran wrap."

"Timing is everything, and it's fucked up."

"Believe me, it's very soothing, to mix a drink and sink into oblivion."


This is a place where I will write and reflect, on my reflections, on my life. My average life.

Sounds exciting eh?

It won't be. So if you're looking for somewhere to be motivated, somewhere to be happy, somewhere to be inspired...
This is not the place.

This will be the sort of place where my true self will be seen, and shown to the world.
Are you ready world?

... I think not!