Welcome to November people! Rockin'!!!

So, today I quit Disciples of Gaming because I needed to focus on my education more, and it wasn't helping me to do that. Two years and 11 months almost to the day I devoted to that gaming community, and it's all down the toilet now. Oh well, I'm going to get my thesis done by MAY!! That's right, MAY!!! :D

In other news. I'm pretty defeated when it comes to ladies in my life at the moment. DE-feated. Oh well, I guess it'll come when it comes... And hopefully I will along with it! See what I did there? Haha. Sorry, I'm a bit cheeky right now! Watch out!

I'm re-focused, and stoked to be alive right now!! YES! DD Thursday (Derby/Drinking) coming up!!! YES!!! :)


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