Don't push your luck today... It won't work with me.

One of the beautiful things about life is that it's a constant roller coaster. The good days come with the bad, and the horrible comes with the amazing... You can't expect to have an amazing, breathtaking experience without also having one that breaks your heart into a million pieces.

This morning I was up before dawn and I experienced an amazing sunrise. Of course this came after a huge blowout fight the night before, while the stress is continually raining down from a thundercloud above my head.

I'm going to hit the gym today again to let out this rage because going to PF frankly makes me feel better about myself. I look like an absolutely gorgeous person next to the soccer moms who go there after dropping their kids off at practice. My legs look chiseled, my tummy looks flat, and I just look prettier than the Oswegonian who walked in after finishing her cigarette at the door. Yeah.

Well, when I figure out what else I want to vent about. I'll put it down into words....
'Till then.

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