Too bad I'm starting this so early this morning...

I woke up from an unexpected dream. Well, first of all my cat MC wouldn't leave me alone from the hours of 4AM to 7AM. So the sleep wasn't very good to begin with.

Jo was there, in front of me. She had searched me out. That's how I knew it wasn't real.
I then gunned down a bank in frustration, or maybe glory. Hard to tell.

"Fuck dreams"

I'm still shaking... Every time I used to wake up from a bad dream, she was there holding me, now it's only Benjamin. My teddy bear. Believe me he's good, but someone who cares is a lot better than a soft object. MC is no where to be found either. Unreliable that guy is...

Maybe I'll have something better later. Doubt it though. Today looks bleak.


Ok. Revelation.

Celebrities need friends right? People who are down to earth and chlll. Who won't freak out totally when like, Ellen Page walks into their living room. Honestly, I think all Lindsay Lohan needs is someone who is not totally CRAZY by her side to tell her not to do coke, and whatnot. That could be me!

Laurie : Friend of the stars.

Hah, well... IF this blog ever gets read. I'm down to be anyone's friend. God knows I could use some more of them...

Don't look at me like that! Celebrities are people too!!! They need love. If anyone knows of a celebrity in need of a solid friend, let me know.


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