Today is going to be a historical day in the making... Repealing or not repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is all up to the Senate today. Hopefully, it goes the way I want it to. I've always wanted to be in the Army....

I really would like to find someone at my intellectual and emotional level. I've had a lot of experiences in this life, and there's many more to come, but it seems like either someone is one or the other.... and it's getting damned frustrating. I'm starting to take my foot out of the door, and that's no good.

Halo: Reach is AWESOME! Everyone should grab up a copy and tell me their gamertag so we can shred together.... its rockin'.

I'm not sure I have anything more... Oh, wait I do! I totally made someone's night tonight, and it made me feel damn good... at least something does!
Guy on the Porch (GP): Hey! How have you been?
Laurie (L): Pretty good, yourself?
GP: Good, how's school?
L: Stressful as heck!
GP: Hah, life is stressful!! What are you studying?
L: I'm in education.
GP: Yeah? What level do you wanna teach, like, low or high?
L: Well, I'd like to start off in middle school, and then go to college, they have the same maturity level so I think I'll be ok.
GP: *Falls off his chair laughing* Oh, that's a good one!
GP: *As I'm walking away* Thanks for that one!
L: Anytime!

It put a huge smile on my face. At least I can make one person's day, even if it's not my own.

'Till next time....

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