It's kind of sad that my first post of 2011 has to be like this...


It infects us all, even when we're trying our damnedest to let it not. Women, are infected with a gene that makes it impossible to not care. I with menopause happened already so that maybe I wouldn't care so much.

I get involved. Obsessed might be another word for it. Involved to me means I care. When I care about something, it becomes intrinsic to me. I want to be the best. Whether is be a sport or a friendship, I want to be noticed. Finally, I am not noticed, but I am.

Suddenly the jokes I make, are not jokes. The laughter I hear is uncomfortable, and I care. I realize that I'm the thing I hate. I hate that guy who makes really awkward and inappropriate comments and suddenly, I'm him. I make people uncomfortable. I must. I thought I had been careful, but I could be wrong.

We will know our future when it comes.

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