So... It's one month until my birthday. What are ya'll getting me? ;) Money or booze will suffice, I promise!

Seriously though... Woah, when did the time fly by? It was September just the other day, I swear! I got a call from another school today wanting to book an interview. 2 out of 3 ain't bad... But, it's not the school I wanted, nor is it anywhere near where I want to be, so I'm gonna call and say thanks but no thanks. I really don't want to relocate to Vermont. Pretty state, shitty economy. Nice people though! :)

Well, my last post was for the Derby Girls blog, of which I am now officially a contributing writer! Yay! My first real audience! Not that you guys and gals aren't great, but you're probably sick of me at this point, or at least you don't let on to it anyway. Also, I'm not entirely sure anyone wants to hear about my "average" life anymore... I'm also not talking so much about how un-average my life is. It's definitely picked up since my last dating excursion, but I really don't talk about that on here. I basically blog about derby, and that's that. I will try to get out of the "derby" box for my next post. I promise!

Weirdest thing I found this week... If you Google "life 10.9" One of my blog posts from October is the third or fourth one down. Weird right?!

Peace, love, and averageness!

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