Right now, I am totally thinking about re-naming this blog.

An "average" life was something I had in June when I started this silly little thing. Actually the is that I was drunk for most of June, July, and August... So you should probably not waste your time in looking back at those posts. Even in September my life was unsettlingly ordinary. October is when everything changed... In October, I joined roller derby, and that has changed my "average" life into one of the extraordinary.

I now have a "Batman-esque" daily life... Living as a student during the day, and turning into a kick-ass derby girl at night. I am not only any graduate student, in terms of my department, but I am a thesis student. Foolishly, I may add. On top of those things I am in the most confusing, unsettling, strange situation of a relationship any person has ever been in... It's seriously the thing they make movies out of. I might actually write one about it someday, come to think of it. While it is all of those things, I am the happiest and most settled I have ever been in my entire life.

Since October, I have really become the young woman I was meant to be. I'm an asshole who will get in your face. I'm shy and quiet at times. I'm smart and quick witted. I can debate many things, especially the state of technology education. I sound like I know when I am talking about, even though I may not know anything about it. I can knock someone right off their skates. I am physically strong and my soul is on fire with passion and enthusiasm. I am nothing short of amazing, and I damn well know it now.

I'm not sure who to thank more for this... Me, or roller derby. If I hadn't gotten out of my last relationship when I did, I would have never become who I needed to be. If I hadn't joined roller derby, I would probably be distraught, angry, and fat by now. I met the love of my life, and I've never been happier.

Just thought I would have a moment of narcissism..... Ok, now I'm back to normal. Sorry for the interruption.

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