Why are derby girls so damn cool?

We just had a scrimmage with the Utica Roller Girls, and they were some damn awesome ladies! Only two of them had any real experience, so we roughed 'em up a little bit! It's interesting, the world of roller derby... I've been in situations where girls come into our facility with a competitive attitude for a scrimmage, and they're just downright mean. On the other hand, the Enchanted Mountain girls and the Utica girls were both just so happy to be playing roller derby that they had a lot of fun with me on the track.

I'm that kind of derby girl who's simply there to have fun. Winning would be super cool, but it doesn't need to happen for me to have fun! I crack inappropriate jokes, grope my teammates, and am an all around smart ass before the whistle blows. While I play, I might take a few cracks at my teammates, meanwhile I congratulate the opponents for nice hits, or a good sweep.... during a scrimmage. Scrimmages are just another practice, you just get to hit new people! Yay! In bout situations, I'm one serious bitch. Loved goofing off with Short Temper from the Hellions though, in between jams of course! :)

*sigh* I just love roller derby! :)

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